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  • How do I get the design process started for a mural?
    Send me a text or give me a call with the following information. (615-477-3180) A description of your project. A picture of the wall. Any inspiration photos or ideas you may have for your project. What your budget is if you have one. The approximate size of the space/wall. And the desired time-line.
  • About how much can I expect to spend on a mural?
    Mural pricing varies depending on size and the amount of detail. My minimum for the day is $300.
  • What type of paint do you use?
    I use interior or exterior latex house paint.
  • Do you have to come to my home/business to see the space before you design a mural?
    Typically no. I almost always only see spaces through pictures or facetime videos. The only time that seeing a space beforehand is needed if the space is extremely large and can't be captured properly in photos, or if multiple projects are needed to be quoted/designed.
  • Do you have a consultation fee?
    I do not charge a consultation fee. I do require a 50% deposit on jobs quoted over $1000 to hold your spot on my calendar. The remaining balance is expected to be paid when the job is complete.
  • What are the sizes and prices for your watercolor house portraits and how do I place an order?
    All watercolor house portraits are hand painted. Please email me a front view of the house you want painted, the size: 9"x12" is $110 11"x15" is $130 12"x18" is $150 I also need to know if you want a title. ("Our First Home", "123 Main Street", "The Smith's House", "Our Dream Home")
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